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We want you to have a great time & enjoy your stay
Your stay will be enhanced by being aware of local Village rules

(NB: we respectfully offer the tips below, as every concern listed below has happened)

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Guidebook:        http://cora.la/DOHuWIK                  HamptonsRentalBeach.com 

wifi:                     network:          beachhouse              password:               hamptons        

Netflix & Hulu:   whdunesrental@gmail.com             speonK17 (Netflix), cupsogue11 (hulu)



Strict Noise Ordinances

Its all about the Noise !

65 dB max  7AM-7PM; 

50 dB max  7PM-7AM; 

please note how low / QUIET these limits are:

50 = light traffic or refrigerator

60 = conversation or AC

70 = shower or dishwasher

Please avoid any significant noise Outdoors, especially after Village Quiet Time (7pm)

6 car overnight (1A - 6A) parking maximum - strict & by Village Ordinance !

Village Ordinances:  

No Parking on Dune Road 

No cars parking overnight in excess of 6 cars

No Fireworks, Bonfires

No Sleeping on the Beach, no ATVs 

No Walking in Birds Nest String Fencing 

No Trespassing on Neighbors’ Property

No Garbage Outside Sealed Receptacles(& must be behind fence enclosure)  

No use of Neighbors’ Firewood / Garbage Receptacle / Property / Parking

No U Turns in Neighbors’ Driveways 

No Disorderly Behavior

**No Excessive use of gas/oil (fireplace 2 hrs max; stove, pool heater) – 

  Fuel will run out, preventing you from cooking on the stove !

Police rigorously enforce all laws; if they come to the door or approach / 

   talk to you, an offense has likely occurred or a neighbor complaint has been 

   lodged & an expensive summons & court date is likely 

Violations are very costly: $2500 – $5000 + Court Appearance

Village priorities are: Peace & Quiet, No Visible Garbage, Pristine Beach

Dune Road Speed Limit (enforced):     25 mph in WH Dunes, 30 mph WHB

Please dont discuss length of stay, lease details, etc. with Neighbors / Residents

HOUSE RULES:         

(see Lease Agreement; prevent equipment damage, repairs)

**Indoors is soundproof; Be Mindful to be Quiet Outside; Village / Neighbors may be 

  Hostile to Rentals; Enjoy yourself Indoors but Outdoors MUST be Quiet


Please keep your Phone On so we can contact you if needed - Very Important !

**Fireplace is purely ornamental; pls do NOT use it to try to generate Heat; fuel is propane and shares same line as the stove; pls limit Fireplace use to 2 hours Maximum; otherwise you may deplete all propane in the tank for the Stove !

**Garbage doesn’t have to be separated, must out of public view, in containers behind white enclosure fence on West side of house

Please Dont Clog Toilets !     Nothing but toilet paper please……

Several tenants have had to pay plumber bills to snake the pipes of straws, paper towels, plastic bags, etc.

No Smoking (inc. eCigarettes, Cigars, Vaping); No Butts on Sand, Driveway, Pool Cover 

No Bonfires nor Requesting Bonfire Permit; No Tiki Torches or Fire of Any Kind

Garbage Bags Leak, even when not apparent; this stains Decking & Driveway; 

Please Do NOT place any Garbage Bags (even tied) on any Deck or Driveway;  please bring them directly to the Receptacle Bins on the side of the house without setting them down.

**Village Ordinance: Place directly inside Trash Receptacles, behind the white enclosure fence on the West side of the house; must be out of public view & cannot be left anywhere else

24 Person limit daytime / 14 sleeping over

No underage drinking;   Pets only by permission

Please don’t ever turn any thermostat Off (this is hazardous) or change Modes; simple leave in Auto & just adjust target temp

Please no Heat or AC with window open; No rewiring to anything (AV equipment, fridge)

Any rewiring of AV components or blowout due to excessive volume will entail security 

  deposit deduction + damages; stream via Sonos or directly w/our backup speakers

No cigarette butts thrown on pool / spa covers – fire risk & $1100 cost of new cover

Supervise all Minors (not to be left alone)

Please notify us of any pre-existing defect or malfunction within 12 hours of check-in

Please do not exceed ‘80’ on any AV setting /phone app volume bar (risk of blowout); 


Pool heater 90F max & drop below 80F between uses; AC not below 65 

Pool Pump & Heater run 815AM to 10PM; pump & heater go into rest mode at 10 PM !

Do Not run pool temp higher than 80 degrees after 10 PM

Do NOT touch any settings or controls on Pool Equipment other than Heater thermostat

  (1st floor deck Utility Room, left wall just inside the door, gray Honeywell dial thermostat;

  Do NOT touch the thermostats’ toggle switch; leave it On please 

Plastic glasses only at Poolside; No running / diving / horseplay around pool

No Hoses in Pool or Spa, call House Mgr if any adjustments needed other than temp

Please wash sand off your feet (outdoor shower or 1st fl deck spigot near door, left sided

  pipe with hose; do not touch the right sided pipe) before pool / spa / indoors;

  Pls do Not track sand into pool / spa / indoors or wash feet in Pool !

Please put Spa Cover back on after use - chlorine & water levels will last longer for you..


Water Levels -      Pool: middle of skimmers;              Spa: 2 inches above top-most jets

If levels are Lower, damage can occur to pumps; please call Vinny immediately !

Turn Pool Light Off when going inside for the evening (switch to right off pool deck doors) 



Sonos (Music):

Sonos Support: (M-F 10-9)  800.680.2345

Guidebook:    http://cora.la/DOHuWIK           HamptonsRentalBeach.com  

Wifi Login:                     

network:          beachhouse                         password:       hamptons 


Netflix & Hulu House Accounts:  

whdunesrental@gmail.com (both)              

speonK17 (Netflix)

cupsogue11 (hulu)

(NB: we respectfully offer the tips below, as every concern listed below has happened)


It is vital for the tenant to directly arrange a move-in walk through with our house manager (Vinny; 631.276.9953). Electronics & many amenities need to be demonstrated to tenants and electronics often need to be reset after the last tenant; the optimal time to do this is at a move-in day in-person walk through. 1 in-person service call by the house manager is covered by the agreement; cost & arrangement of additional service calls are the responsibility of the tenant.


PREVENT ALARMS GOING OFF: avoid excessive cooking smoke, close sliding  

  doors while grilling; if smoke sets off alarm, vent the area & alarm will reset

2 sets of Alarms - ADT (CR123a battery) & HOUSE FIRE/CO (9V battery, Kidde & 1st Alert)

Please do NOT attempt to program ADT pad, Outdoor Light Timer Switches

NO need to remove ALL alarm sensors if one chirps !    Pls locate the ONE BAD SENSOR…

Removing ALL sensors will not solve or diagnose the problem, only delays a resolution

Please LOOK & LISTEN BEFORE removing any sensor; 

Look at ADT Pad for any faults, press any button to silence (only if ADT sensor is faulty)

if all chirp > House Sensors > find the one with rapidly flashing Red LED, THEN press Test /

  Silence (on the faulty sensor only) & all sensors go silent > remove & swap battery (9V) >

  reconnect wires & sensor > press Test / Silence; 1 red flash/min = battery; 5/min = bad unit

if only one chirps > ADT > remove it & swap battery > will need a sensor & pad reset 

If you remove a Sensor, pls only remove one (find the faulty one) & leave it at its location


Must pull Handle All the way Up until clicks to lock in place & prevent doors from opening

Door without handle & lock is ornamental & should be locked all times (Handle Up to Latch)


It is ornamental & not a heat source; please limit use to no more than 3 hours at a time; otherwise Fuel will run out, disabling use of the stove & requiring emergency fuel delivery. Switch is to the left of the fireplace, has constant pilot light.


Open gas valve slowly (otherwise valve limits gas flow); Burners knobs must all be Off to start > Burner 1 (left side) must always be on during cooking & started first; Push in burner  knob on far left  (#1, other burners ignite off #1) > turn ccw to start / high (9 o’clock) > push & hold electronic ignition button on far left until ignites > next burner control knob to the right

Water Level: important to keep level approx. ½ way up skimmer flaps

  Too Low can damage the Pump; Too High can Overflow

Water Level maintained by Autofill Pipe: dual faucet between deck doors & utility 

  room door. The RIGHT Limb is the Autofill; the valve must be left OPEN at all times !

  The LEFT Limb is for the deck hose; please do use this hose to wash sand off feet;

  Leave this valve OFF when not in use. Please do not disconnect anything at the faucet.

Heater: controls on Left Wall in Utility Room on 1st Floor Deck (outside, door is on your

  right as you exit the sliding glass doors to the deck), to the Left of the water heater. 

  Please do NOT touch the toggle switch; must be left ON.

  Adjust Heat: Use grey rectangular Honeywell Thermostat round knob

  85 degrees max please, higher can overload the heater. 

  Heater / Thermostat DIAL runs HOT; 82-85 on the dial is actually 90 degrees !!

  Heater works only while pump runs (approx. 815A - 1015P), please do not try to heat 

  the pool outside those hours. 

After use, please be mindful of wasting fuel or emptying tank; please turn temp to 65

Pool Light: switch is on wall at the sliding glass doors on 1st floor, to the extreme right 

  Please be green & turn off when not in use. 

Pump / Filter Equipment: as with all electronics, please do NOT reprogram. Risk of 

  damage, pool use disruption, and requiring expensive service call. 

Sand: please avoid getting sand in the pool which is difficult to remove. Please wash feet 

  with 1st floor deck hose, or shower at foot of stairs to the left of the walkway entrance.


Water Level just as important as for the Pool. 

Water Level MUST be 1-2 inches higher than the top-most jets (prevent pump damage).

If Level is low, please call Vinny.

Please replace Spa Cover after Use - leaving cover off leads to:

  Much faster chlorine depletion > dirty water

  Evaporation of hot water, causing Low Water Level.

Supplemental Chlorine is available, call Vinny if needed. Please add after any prolonged 

  use, or after multiple spa guests. For heavy use, advise adding Float with Chlorine Tab.

  After adding any form of chlorine, run high jets for one cycle (approx 20 min), leave 

  cover off until high jet cycle is done, then replace cover. 

  High jets: press jets once or twice until high jets are running; will cycle off by itself

Max temp = 104F, though most guests find 101 - 102F is way more comfortable.

Change Temp: 

Press Warm then Light > repeat as needed to toggle to ‘ST’ on screen

  Use warm or cool buttons to adjust set temp, wait for temp to change


Heavy use causes Foaming from bathing suit detergents on bathing suits; can avoid by rinsing bathing suits in warm water (or showering) prior to use. 

Please report ANY Pool or Spa issues to the House Manager (Vinny) immediately, as pump damage can occur. Please do NOT attempt to fix yourself without speaking with him.

THERMOSTATS:          Please be Green - no Heat or AC with window / sliding doors open

Please don’t turn any Thermostat Off (risk of pipes freezing); simply adjust target temp


Download TWO Sonos Apps on your phone / device, which must be on house Wifi FIRST

Download TWO Apps:   ‘Sonos’ (tan icon) AND ‘Sonos S1 Controller’ (black icon) 

If needed, SONOS SUPPORT IS EXCELLENT:              800.680.2345          (M-F 10-9 PM)

Bottom App Icons: ‘Rooms’ to select or group zones; ‘Browse’ to select music

Play / Pause a zone on the zone’s banner near the bottom; Please do not use ‘Settings’

Once you open the App, click on any banners at top that might say: 

‘Connect,’ ‘Let’s Connect,’ ‘Learn More,’ or ‘Let’s Fix It’ & follow App instructions

If S2 App says ‘Control Audio on a Nearby Sonos System’ > click ‘Connect’ 

Or S1 App may say ‘Sonos found on beachhouse, Would you like to connect?’ > 

click ‘Let’s Connect’

App may direct you to the nearest Sonos product & press Join Button(s) to connect:

press Play/Pause button & the Volume Up (+) button at the same time for a second,

then release both; may need to do this to Find Missing Product (see below);

Accessible Sonos players: 2nd Floor - 2 living room Play:1’s (on top the Subwoofer 

in the corner, on floor in corner behind the dining room table), One in West Master 

BR; 3rd Floor - Connect:Amp under table in corner under the TV 

Sonos App must connect with our Sonos network the 1st time you open the App; if you 

  have Sonos at home it will first try to find YOUR home system, so check any App screen

  instructions carefully and follow them; it will ask you if you want to connect to OUR 

  system, click ‘Connect to an Existing System’; you might need to update your App, Force 

  close & reopen it, or delete your App and reinstall the App to Connect. 

If a player / zone drops out of the App: Settings > System > Find Missing Product > Join; 

Please do NOT rename any of the zones / players and do NOT reconfigure anything.

Do NOT unplug any Sonos player, or turn off power; this will render the system useless !

In-wall speakers have tan wall volume knobs & are in most areas (except for living room,

  outdoor decks, 3rd floor); see below to control volume; pls do not turn above 80 as the

  speakers will distort badly & may blow out !

S1 App controls 3 house zones (3rd Fl, Master Bedrooms, 1st Fl), 

Sonos (S2) App controls 4 other zones (Living Rm - Home Theater 5.1, Outside Deck - 2nd Fl, Outside Deck - 1st Fl, West Master Bedroom) 

Living Room Home Theater (Soundbar & other Sonos players) plays Sonos audio via 

  Sonos (tan) App, Soundbar also plays TV audio output; 

AirPlay Sonos Zones: Outside Deck 1st Floor & 2nd Floor, Living Room Arc / Home Theater; 

Can use app to select music streaming sources or group speaker zones;

Please be mindful of avoiding excessively loud music on the Outdoor speaker (decks);

In App: press Rooms > select zones, group as desired; then press Browse & select music;

Important: can only stream ONE SIRIUS stream at a time; if 2 sirius streams are run, they both cut out after approx. 15 minutes (Sirius policy); No such limitation with other sources;

‘No Sound’:    find wall volume knob & turn volume up; please avoid speaker blowouts &  do not exceed level 80 (do not go into the red zone); App > Rooms > select zone > press volume up button on your phone / device to work the App volume sliders; do not exceed 80

Sonos cannot be turned off; simply pause music in the zone(s) in question


2 Remotes that may be needed:      Cable, TV                           Some TVs have Apple TV remotes too

Please Do Not Rewire, pull out cords, swap HDMI inputs, or Reprogram any component !  

Please do not move Remotes room to room

No Cable in 1st Fl Bay Bedrooms;    

All TVs are Smart TVs (65" OLED in Living Room, with full Dolby Atmos 5.1 home theater Sonos Setup !)

TV & Cable Remotes:     Turn On then press Source (Input) & select Cable TV vs Smart TV

Sources:     HDMI 1 - Cable;     

Living Room: HDMI 1 - Cable; HDMI 2 - Sonos Soundbar; HDMI 3 - HDMI Switch (laptop, game              console)      3rd Floor:  HDMI 1 - Cable; HDMI 2 - Apple TV 

Living Room TV:  Sound Out: HDMI Arc (not internal speakers)


If ‘No TV’:  make sure that Cable Box is turned On (vertical blue LED in middle must be on; 

  Use Cable Remote to turn Cable Box on if no Cable signal present on HDMI 1 Input;

  verify correct Source on Remote / TV screen, check remote batteries (does red led on top

  flash when a button is pressed ?)

Turn On Cable:     Cable Remote - TV button then Cable button

Turn TV Off:          Cable Remote - Power button

3rd Floor only:

  Apple TV:   Source / Input on TV Remote > Apple TV > ATV Remote:

  press center button to turn ATV On, check Remote batteries (TV IR red light should flash

  when any remote buttons are pressed)

PLS DO NOT CHANGE ANY TV SETTINGS     (audio is routed to home theater) ! 

ROUTER / MODEM:          (please call House Manager or Owner if this is ever needed)
3rd floor Sitting Area    (inside right drawer in credenza near the wall)

If Rebooting is needed, please reboot by gently unplugging from power strip, wait 20 seconds, then plug back in; leave power strip plugged into wall outlet and On at all times


Common batteries found in Kitchen drawer: top right drawer; House Mgr for 9V batteries    


GENERATOR:   whole house (except for spa); east side of house, self tests every Tuesday at 2PM x 15 min; needs inspection & service after running for 24 hrs; if running for more than an hour, it is vital that you please notify House Manager

MAIN SHUTOFFS:             (please call House Manager if accessing these are ever needed !)


  utility room on 1st floor deck, first outdoor door on right when exiting the 

  sliding glass doors to the deck


  main house valve (between street utility pipe & house) is under the house: west garage 

  door > open door at rear of garage, turn left, look again to the left along the wall, past the

  Cable / Electric Board is a large vertical pipe; valve handle on the bottom of the pipe;


Emergency Shut Off Switches: Utility Room on 1st Floor deck opposite the Spa > left side of the wall as you enter the Room > Red switch plate has 2 switches 

  Secondary valve from under the house to the house interior is in the Utility room on the

  1st floor deck, first outdoor door on right when exiting sliding glass doors to the deck > 

  Turn to the right immediately on entering the Utility Room, vertical pipe closest to you 

  has a Green valve handle at the bottom of the pipe

  Street Access Outside House to Water:

  Large Bronze Lid on the Sand in Front of House, middle driveway, on the right side when    

  facing the street